Do you need a Digital Marketing Agency?

Or do you just need somebody who can think like one?

If you’re a business owner or a marketing manager and don’t have the time or staff to accomplish everything you want to do, I can make your life easier.

I can work with you to achieve your digital marketing goals – from branding to content marketing strategies. I’ll ensure it gets done right and on time.



in delivering results. 


What makes me different?

I use a proven 3 step process that delivers results.

I start by identifying your ideal customer, creating a compelling offer and then selecting the most appropriate marketing channels to achieve the highest Return On Investment (ROI) for your budget.

My mission is to help you grow your business online with digital marketing.

I understand that your business is special and you require a digital marketing strategy that is as unique as you are.

My consultation services will provide you with a bespoke data-driven strategy that is designed to meet your specific business goals.

I will never try to sell you a particular service just because it’s what I’m good at providing. I will only offer solutions your business needs.

As a consultant, my priority is to work with you so that together we can create a ‘solution-driven’ approach to your online marketing.

You may already have some pre-conceived ideas about what you need to do to achieve your goals but are unsure how to get started.

Why not take advantage of my Free Digital Marketing Consultation? After the consultation, you will have a clear outline of the exact steps you need to take to achieve your marketing goals.

If you want 1-on-1 advice or training then contact me about my mentoring service and I can teach you (or your staff) the exact processes I use.

You can find free in-depth articles on my blog which I’ve written to help aspiring digital marketers, bloggers and business owners succeed online.

I also offer the technical execution of any strategies I provide, not just consulting.

I have experience in branding design, WordPress web development and SEO but work with a broad range of freelance specialists that cover the full spectrum of digital marketing services.

Digital is a massive, constantly evolving sector that includes many fields so I can’t possibly offer every service on my own.

My solution is to partner with a hand-picked group of freelancer professionals who I’ve networked with over the years while working for various agencies.

I trust them implicitly, not only to deliver work to an incredible technical standard but they are reliable and extremely knowledgeable in their chosen field.

Working with specialists as and when I need them on a project basis is extremely cost effective, and I can pass these savings on to you. Of course, I take full responsibility and ownership for any project work to ensure it is carried out to my high standards.

Focusing on the highest-value tasks such as strategy development and project management allows me to add the most value to projects and deliver the greatest return on investment for you.

Hiring a consultant allows you to focus on what you do best (running your business and making money).

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Hello, I’m Rob Stephens I help business owners increase revenue with digital marketing.

Rules I live by:
  • Be passionate
  • Be hard working
  • Be nice to work with

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My Journey to Becoming a Digital Marketing Consultant

I started studying graphic design and marketing way back in 1996 as a fresh-faced teenager (yes, I feel old saying that!) just as the internet was taking off with AltaVista and dial-up modems.

Soon after, I swapped my native hometown Stockton (near Middlesbrough) in the north-east for the bright lights of Manchester in the north-west.

After studying design and marketing for 6 years and obtaining the full alphabet of qualifications (BTEC, HND and BA Degree) I got my first job as a print-based graphic designer.

Working with print give me a great understanding of design and layout composition. It also taught me to consider the best way to sell a product or service, and I developed my passion for marketing.

I learnt to consider the client’s customer, highlighting the Unique Selling Proposition (USP), how the hierarchy of elements on an advert can influence the target audience and the importance of good copywriting.

However, I was fascinated by the digital revolution that was taking place around the mid-2000’s so I taught myself web design with WordPress and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

I worked for for 4 years working directly on high-value customer advertising campaigns for national companies.

During this time I acquired some freelance clients that I moonlighted for in the evenings, while at my full-time job. closed their UK operations to outsource to India. This provided me with an opportunity to take voluntary redundancy and focus on my freelance clients.

So I left to freelance full-time for 4 years specialising in brand design, WordPress web design and SEO.

Around this time, I met my now fiancee Jess and moved from South Manchester to Standish, Wigan.

I started freelancing in-house for various agencies on a wide variety of jobs and made some great contacts.

I was then offered a position at a close-knit digital marketing agency in Preston. I stayed there for 4 years, and I learned an enormous amount about the inner workings of a marketing agency.

In early 2017, I decided I wanted to work for myself again and became self-employed again, but this time as a digital marketing consultant, not a freelancer.

What’s the difference between a freelancer and a consultant?

A freelancer is ideal for any specific technical tasks that need implementing.

It’s unusual for a freelancer to work on the overall marketing strategy. They tend to focus on smaller micro-tasks that need completing.

A consultant works on the macro-level to provide the overall marketing strategy and a clear vision of what needs to happen for the project to be a success.

Like a foreman on a building site, a consultant may work with freelancers and provide direct instruction but isn’t necessarily the person laying the bricks.

When consulting, I always start with 2 goals in mind.

Where you want to go and a strategy of how to get there.

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Work history
  • 15 years+ work experience
  • 10 years+ agency experience
  • 6 years education in design & marketing
  • Speaker & mentor
Knowledge of
  • Branding & graphic design
  • WordPress web design & dev
  • Technical SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Video marketing

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Got a burning question you need answering? I use a service called Clarity where you only pay per minute.

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What I Do When I’m Not Working

It’s not easy to write about yourself is it?

Especially, if you’re a naturally introverted person like myself.

I’m passionate about animal conservation and was fortunate to spend a month with the Askari Wilderness Programme in South Africa.

Askari is a vast wilderness reserve committed to providing an ethical volunteering experience and a safe habitat for many animals in need of conservation.

I’m also a long suffering supporter of my hometown football club Middlesbrough FC.


The truth is, I live and breathe digital marketing.

When I’m not working for a client, you can find me online catching up with the latest news on one of a dozen blogs I regularly read.

After 10 years combined agency experience, I wanted to work with companies who had grown large enough to justify working with a marketing agency but were looking for something different.

I felt there was a gap in the market for business owners who would like a personal service with someone who will take accountability for projects, set achievable goals and realistic expectations.

I provide a personal, accountable and transparent service and you will only ever speak directly with me. No messages lost in translation, no excuses, no bs.

I won’t try to bamboozle you with technical jargon but talk to you in a down-to-earth way and am generous with my knowledge.

Monthly reports will let you know what is working and what isn’t working.

I keep my service personal by limiting myself to a small number of clients. I work best with established business owners (or decision-makers) who want to work directly with me.

I will turn down work if our goals don’t align.

Being selective allows me to be picky and only work with clients where I think there will be a fruitful working relationship and we’d be a good fit.

While I’m not (or have any intention of being), the cheapest guy in town, I can offer an agency standard service at a much-reduced rate. I don’t have expensive overheads to pass on.

If for some reason we can’t work together, I’m always happy to point you in the direction of someone who can.

How do I know what works?


I. Test. Everything.

Try, test, repeat.

I don’t just rely on second-hand information. I continually test new ideas live in the trenches and see what is working right now.

If something works, I rinse, repeat and scale up my efforts. If something doesn’t work, I leave it alone.

Rob Stephens on safari
  • Digital marketing
  • Animal conservation
  • Middlesbrough FC
  • Travel photography
  • Gardening
Fav films/TV
  • Glengarry Glen Ross
  • There Will Be Blood
  • Spartacus (1960)
  • Breaking Bad
  • The Wire
Fav books
  • Anyone can do it
  • The e-myth
  • Think and grow rich
  • The 4-Hour Workweek
  • Clients from hell

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Photo of Rob Stephens
Got a burning question you need answering? I use a service called Clarity where you only pay per minute.

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Michael SellarsHead of Online Marketing, CMS Danskin Acoustics

Rob has a broad understanding of online marketing, encompassing web design, SEO and social media. He is dedicated, hardworking and is always looking at new ways to drive traffic and create conversions. Both a contributor and a listener, Rob is a valuable addition to any team or project.

Michael BischofManaging Director, Pentagon Play

Rob has always responded quickly and will go the extra mile to ensure our demanding deadlines are met. With Rob’s support we have managed to grow our market share and have seen an improved ROI on our marketing efforts.

Mário CastroDigital Business & eCommerce Consultant

Rob is one of a kind. He is one of those digital marketing professionals that is ready to do whatever it takes to go the extra mile. He is very demanding with himself and very focused with great attention to detail. Rob keeps up-to-date with industry changes and in some areas is entirely self taught.

Rick CBusiness Owner, Train4Sales

Rob certainly knows his stuff. After my first half hour meeting with him, I immediately had lots of new ideas to promote my business which I have already started to implement. Highly recommended.

Shaun MengellaSEO Manager, Limitless Digital Group

Rob has a very unique skillset which combines design and organic marketing concepts. Rob is very pro-active and excels in any autonomous roles. He carries out projects with precision and always meet deadlines. He understands aspects of online organic marketing as well as the technical side of SEO.

Nicola MaduemeziaBusiness Owner, Big Beautiful Feet

I had a fantastic meeting with Rob, both were helpful, honest and keen to target weak points of my business and how I could turn them in to a positive. I left feeling inspired and focused. Highly recommended.

Bespoke data-driven strategies

"I help business owners increase revenue with digital marketing."