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My Process

3 Steps To Digital Marketing Success

A common misconception a lot of people have with their digital marketing is to take a ‘tactic-driven’ approach to their online marketing.

You can write content, Tweet or blast out emails all day long but unless you have a solid business offering, strategy, and digital marketing process you won’t achieve great results.

Brands that succeed online pursue a ‘solution-driven’ approach then use marketing tactics as tools to promote the solution to prospective customers.

A skilled digital marketer is similar to an honest scientist. You have an idea of the solution you want to achieve; then a strategy is produced based on information you have and the desired outcome.

You then test your hypothesis and analyse the data-led results. You make decisions on how to move forward based on the data and further refine your strategy to achieve the desired solution.

Step 1 – Plan Your Brand Strategy



Success online starts with identifying and understanding your ideal customer and their needs. What are their wants, needs, fears and frustrations?


For long-term success, you need a strong brand identity that builds trust, familiarity and positions you as an authority within your industry.


Explain why prospective customers would want to work with you by telling your unique story and allowing them to engage with your brand emotionally.


Explain all the benefits that would make you the customer's number one choice to work with and the go-to expert of choice for your sector.

Step 2 – Your Online Presence



We need to develop an innovative concept that highlights the benefits of your service offering and align that to your prospective customer's needs.


Based on your new creative concept, you need an appealing offer that answers any concerns and eliminates the risk of committing to work with you.


We will then develop a tailor-made strategy based on your business goals, and customers needs to grow your brand online, even in a saturated marketplace.


Based on your existing customer and industry knowledge and my marketing know-how we can hypothesise a solution to attract new business and encourage repeat custom.

Step 3 – Marketing And Analytics



Discover where your prospective customers spend time, then engage and market your service offering to them based on our new concept and compelling offer.


We can test our hypothesis strategy by running your digital campaign for a set period of time (usually 3 months) utilising the most appropriate digital marketing tactics.


I can track the effectiveness of campaigns using powerful data analytics to monitor and report on the results to provide key data-led insights into the campaign performance.


Based on the feedback from data analytics we can measure effectiveness and further refine your marketing activities to target only the most lucrative sales opportunities.

Would you like a FREE 1-to-1 Digital Marketing Consultation?

With an experienced digital marketing consultant

I’m not here to sell you on a particular service. I’m looking to partner and work closely with you to discover your specific business needs and deliver a solution to help you succeed online.

If we’re a good fit, I would like to offer you a FREE 1-to-1 Digital Marketing strategy session.

During our consultation, I can tailor specific and meaningful advice to meet your exact needs and develop an in-depth digital marketing strategy that will outline how you can achieve your business goals.

We will delve deep into your marketing wants, needs and desires.

You can expect to improve your online skills in key strategic business areas, understand where you are positioned in the market and what is the best direction for you to move forward.

We can look at which channels are better to allocate to your marketing spend, how to increase conversion rates and how to generate a worthwhile return on paid advertising.

Areas we can cover:

  • Budgeting and strategy
  • Market potential and ROI feasibility
  • Increasing online sales/enquiries
  • Growing brand awareness

The final strategy will help you to understand the key problems and issues your business is having online and provide you with realistic, professional solutions you can use.

What my clients say

Rob has a broad understanding of online marketing, encompassing web design, SEO and social media. He is dedicated, hardworking and is always looking at new ways to drive traffic and create conversions. Both a contributor and a listener, Rob is a valuable addition to any team or project.

Michael SellarsHead of Online Marketing, CMS Danskin Acoustics

Rob has always responded quickly and will go the extra mile to ensure our demanding deadlines are met. With Rob’s support we have managed to grow our market share and have seen an improved ROI on our marketing efforts.

Michael BischofManaging Director, Pentagon Play

Rob is one of a kind. He is one of those digital marketing professionals that is ready to do whatever it takes to go the extra mile. He is very demanding with himself and very focused with great attention to detail. Rob keeps up-to-date with industry changes and in some areas is entirely self taught.

Mário CastroDigital Business & eCommerce Consultant

Rob has a very unique skillset which combines design and organic marketing concepts. Rob is very pro-active and excels in any autonomous roles. He carries out projects with precision and always meet deadlines. He understands aspects of online organic marketing as well as the technical side of SEO.

Shaun MengellaLimitless Digital Group

Rob excelled in his role as Senior Designer at 3BM Studio and was an integral member of the team. He can project manage work from start to finish, understand set briefs and produce creative concepts to deliver design solutions against tight deadlines.

Damien HarrisCreative Director 3BM Studio

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