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It’s a common story…

Your business is growing nicely. You have customers and are great at what you do but feel frustrated because while you’re keeping your customers happy you don’t have the time, resources or knowledge to market and grow your business and generate new sales.

You realise that business never stays still, either your business is growing or slowly dying and losing market share to competitors.

You know that it’s time to seek help with your digital marketing and bring in outside help so your business can achieve its true revenue potential but are unsure of the best way to proceed.

So what are your options?

Working with an agency isn’t your only option

You’re at the stage where you realise you probably need the help of a marketing agency but want to consider other options.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the potential of digital marketing but are unsure of the next step.

You don’t want to risk your marketing budget on unproven tactics.

You want a fixed-price marketing strategy, so you don’t have to worry about anything going over budget.

You want to see tangible results from your investment and accountability for reporting your marketing activities, so you can have a snapshot of what is, or isn’t working.

You don’t want to be overwhelmed with unnecessary technical jargon and want everything put in plain English.

You want to track the effectiveness of any marketing spend and whenever possible work out the cost per acquisition.

Maybe you’ve worked with an agency in the past, but they over-promised and under-delivered.

What if there was another way?

I believe you deserve a more personal service

I believe you deserve a more personal service that offers accountability at a competitive price with a friendly, reliable consultant.

Hello, my name’s Rob Stephens, a digital marketing consultant based in Wigan, (Greater Manchester), UK.

I have over 15 years experience in digital marketing covering design, development and search, working for many agencies (both agency and client-side) and as a consultant.

During that time, I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses and investors, helping to create and manage cost-effective plans for growth.

Some of my results include:

  • Tea client – increased revenue from £40k to over £180k per month
  • Furniture outlet client – increased revenue from £37k to over £163k per month

I provide a personal, accountable and transparent service. No messages lost in translation, no excuses, no bullshit.

As well as consultancy, I provide project management and technical implementation.

Would you like a Free Digital Marketing Consultation?

With an experienced digital marketing consultant

I’m not here to sell you on a particular service. I’m looking to partner and work closely with you to discover your specific business needs and deliver a solution to help you succeed online.

If we’re a good fit, I would like to offer you my FREE 1-to-1 Digital Marketing Consultation.

During your free digital marketing consultation, I can tailor specific and meaningful advice to meet your exact needs and develop an in-depth digital marketing strategy that will outline how you can achieve your business goals.

You can expect to improve your online knowledge in key strategic business areas, understand where you are positioned in the market and what is the best direction for you to move forward.

We can look at which channels are better to allocate to your marketing spend, how to increase conversion rates and how to generate a worthwhile return on paid advertising.

Areas we can cover:

  • Budgeting and strategy
  • Market potential and ROI feasibility
  • Increasing online sales/enquiries
  • Growing brand awareness

Our consultation will help you to understand the specific problems and issues your business is having online and provide you with realistic, professional solutions you can use.

What’s it worth?

The value of my Digital Marketing Consultation is over £400

This is what you would have paid to book the consultation services at one of my previous agencies.

There is absolutely no pressure or obligation to sign up to anything or part money in any way. The session is completely FREE.

Are we a good fit?

I only work with a select few clients who understand the value that digital marketing adds to their business.

For us to proceed to a Consultation, you will have a business model that excites me, and one that I believe I can make a positive difference too.

Since I only have time to provide 3 strategy sessions per month I am highly selective about who I meet.

Please apply if:

  • You have an established business and are currently selling a product or service (no startups please)
  • You are a business owner, marketing manager or investor
  • You have the authority to allocate budget spend, sign-off projects and hire a digital marketing expert
  • You have a realistic budget set aside for your online marketing goals
  • You are available to travel to Manchester (city centre) for a strategy session

Please DON’T apply if:

  • You are an unfunded startup with little traction and no proven business model
  • You aren’t the decision maker or in a position of authority to sign-off market spend
  • You want to learn and implement marketing yourself or in-house (Then you may be interested in my in-house training which I offer as a separate service – contact me for more info)
  • Your business is in gambling or tobacco
  • You have a budget of £500 and want the next Facebook!

What my clients say

Rob has a broad understanding of online marketing, encompassing web design, SEO and social media. He is dedicated, hardworking and is always looking at new ways to drive traffic and create conversions. Both a contributor and a listener, Rob is a valuable addition to any team or project.

Michael SellarsHead of Online Marketing, CMS Danskin Acoustics

Rob has always responded quickly and will go the extra mile to ensure our demanding deadlines are met. With Rob’s support we have managed to grow our market share and have seen an improved ROI on our marketing efforts.

Michael BischofManaging Director, Pentagon Play

Rob is one of a kind. He is one of those digital marketing professionals that is ready to do whatever it takes to go the extra mile. He is very demanding with himself and very focused with great attention to detail. Rob keeps up-to-date with industry changes and in some areas is entirely self taught.

Mário CastroDigital Business & eCommerce Consultant

Rob has a very unique skillset which combines design and organic marketing concepts. Rob is very pro-active and excels in any autonomous roles. He carries out projects with precision and always meet deadlines. He understands aspects of online organic marketing as well as the technical side of SEO.

Shaun MengellaSEO Manager, Limitless Digital Group

Rob excelled in his role as Senior Designer at 3BM Studio and was an integral member of the team. He can project manage work from start to finish, understand set briefs and produce creative concepts to deliver design solutions against tight deadlines.

Damien HarrisHead of Marketing, 3BM Studio

How it works

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